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Registration information

You can only register using the online registration form. To register, please click "Register Now". We do not accept registration requests by email, fax or telephone.

Individual terms and conditions
Groups terms and conditions

Key dates

December 2, 2019: early registration deadline
February 24, 2020: regular registration deadline
February 25, 2020: late registration

If you need support completing your online registration, please contact our team:

Email: registration@wcn2020.org
Phone: +32 (0)2 808 71 81

Information for Italian participants

Alijet & Fargo International S.r.l. is authorized to collect and present to the Department of Public Health in Rome, Italy the application forms of all participants and companies from Italy who will be attending a and participating in the upcoming ISN World Congress of Nephrology to be held from March 26 to 29, 2020 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. For further information, please contact: Ms Benedetta Cambria, b.cambria@alifargoint.it

Information for participants from low-income countries

Participants who are resident or citizen and employed in Low-Income countries (as per World Bank classification) may contact registration@wcn2020.org for further information about registration conditions.

The ISN has been made aware that several organisations offer registration, accommodation or other services related to WCN ’20. Please take careful note that only WCN partners listed on this site are officially authorized to provide services as our official representatives and only register via the secure registration portal published on this website. The ISN strongly recommends that you do not use services offered by unofficial organisations, nor provide information or data to any of these organisations.